Training Week

wpid-20150607_124347.jpegHey y’all!

Training is underway and we are getting prepared learning about the countries, missionaries, and ministries that we will be working with!

It’s absolutely surreal that we will be leaving in less than 24 hours! All the prayer and preparation has lead up to this and I can’t believe that it’s finally here!

The Lord is so good and faithful, and I am learning more about Him each day as I prepare to do his work.

This is seriously a dream come true and I can’t imagine doing anything else this summer. I know the Lord has big plans and is going to use this team in some great ways and I can’t wait to blog again, but next time I’ll be in a different continent!

2 thoughts on “Training Week

  1. Caitlin it’s been a blessing serving with you this week! I’m excited for you and the team as you all step out in faith in obedience to Jesus Christ.


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