THAILAND Sawadee-kah from Chaing Rai, Thailand, y’all!!



Let me tell you a little bit about what’s been going down here in the Land of Smiles:

In a country that is statistically 98% Buddhist, it is the only country in the south east Asia area (Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, etc.) that is an open country; or a country allows people to openly profess their Christianity.

Because of this, it has been a popular missionary spot because Christians can reach the unreached people groups of the surrounding countries by influencing the citizens of Thailand.

However, even with the fairly consistent Christian missionary influences for the past 30 years, Buddhism is still the majority religion and remains an important factor in the Thai culture. Thailand is covered with small spirit temples, large statues of gods and goddesses, and grandiose temples adored with golden fixtures and impressive architecture.





That doesn’t matter to Jesus because He is NEVER the minority. Even when I think that He can’t work in a place that already has an established majority religion, He works in ways that I can’t even fathom. He has his arms open wide, offering a life giving relationship to everyone and He always shows up to those who call on His name. Whether it’s in the States, or across the world. So, basically, PRAY FOR THAILAND!!

Anyway, the day to day activities in Thailand were:

Digging holes & planting trees for a ministry called shoulder2shoulder


Visiting famlies that that are affected by HIV


and hanging out with Thai kids.


I am overwhelmed by the work my Jesus has done in this country and in me during this time Thailand taught me to give without limits; to love without bounds; and to have unwavering faith in the Lord. It was life changing, eye opening, and a piece of my heart will always be here, with the Thai people. I am so sad to be leaving, but excited for my next adventure!

See ya in Uganda!!

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